As we reach the end of a challenging year, let’s ask ourselves if we have learned and grown in 2020.  In life we have the choice to either be a victim or creator. Have the circumstances of 2020 affected your health, wellbeing, finances or quality of life in an adverse way? If you’re ready to close this chapter and leap into 2021 as a creator of new opportunities, more vitality and more abundance, we invite you to join us for BREAK THROUGH 2020!

Our line up of world class speakers have been working hard to create new opportunities amidst this global climate and will share with you the strategies, ideas and thoughts on how to overcome obstacles and super charge your way into 2021.  If you’re ready to make 2021 the greatest year of your life and create more Health, abundance, a bullet proof mindset and so much more, you do not want to miss this event. Take the leap and register now. Your best year awaits you!


Apolo Ohno

Rod Jao

Allysian Sciences CEO & Co-Founder

Rod Jao was the President of a privately held investment company with commercial and residential real estate interests and a venture capital arm that seeds and funds opportunities in the technology, manufacturing, food and beverage and telecommunications sectors. Rod’s background includes software development and network marketing, opening key international markets and being engaged in countless public speaking appearances to audiences of tens of thousands worldwide.  He brings an international network of contacts critical in the development of global sales and marketing strategies.

Apolo Ohno

Dr. Sukhi Muker

Allysian Sciences Chief Transformation Officer

Dr. Sukhi is an Award Winning Doctor, Bestselling Author and Global Speaker. As an advanced Biohacker he’s spent over 2 decades studying the brain and nervous system as it relates to Health, Healing & Maximizing Human Potential. Raised in the darker shades of life he’s practiced and developed transformational strategies in the field of Personal Growth & Development.